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Segal Sazeh Tahkim Bonyan Company with over 40 years of experience in the development of civil buildings such as the largest specialized children’s hospital in the Middle East located in Khavaran Tabriz town, Tabriz Petrochemical.

Segal sazeh is one of the successful civil engineering companies in the country has been working in the field of peace and comfort of the people with expert and experienced staff.

years of scientific, executive and experience support enabled this company to integrate relevant expertise in the many fields like building, water, road and etc.

Utilizing modern design methods, calculating, executing and possessing the most up-to-date machinery and optimally utilizing the resources, time, and  expert resources, all elements of a project from the design stage to the exploitation in terms of integration Its culture to ensure the safety and security of the citizens and community.

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Members of Saqal Saze Company

Mr. Mehdi Gholipour as CEO and Board Member
Mr. Vahid Gholipour as Chairman of the Board
Mr. Sajjad Gholipour as Deputy Chairman of the Board
Mr. Ezatollah Gholipour as a member of the Board of Directors

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The goals and values ​​of the company are expressed as follows:

Vision Statement

  • Active participation in civil projects in accordance with subject of the company’s activities for sustainable development in its specialized fields.
  • Transfer and use the latest technology in the field of specialized activities of the company subject
  • Develop and expand partnerships with specialized companies in a variety of ways
  • Expanding the company’s contribution to building citizenship and environmental protection


  • Attracting and executing specialized projects related to corporate activity and increasing the economic and professional capacity of the organization
  • Promotion of scientific and specialized knowledge of the construction industry by applying new methods and technologies and establishing technical and business relationships with technology owners around the world


  • The need to increase the quality of the final product produced by the organization in order to be sustainable in the business arena
  • Continuous reminder, experience transfer and knowledge management created in the organization
  • Maintaining human dignity in interactions and working relationships and enhancing the capability and capability of the company’s human capital
  • Keeping up with the demands and needs of employers
  • Commitment to national and international law and technical and engineering standards in design and construction, as well as compliance of company activities with environmental standards
  • Being a pioneer and role model in the organization’s activities