segal sazeh tahkeem bonyan

About the segal sazeh

“Shakal Saze Tahkeem Banyan” company with more than 40 years of experience in implementing civil buildings, such as the largest specialized children’s hospital in the Middle East located in Khavaran town of Tabriz, Petrochemical entertainment complex in Tabriz, construction of 150 residential villas in Rushdieh town of Tabriz and…


With 15 years of experience

contract management

With 25 years of experience


With 25 years of experience


Granting the representation of wooden tools

Some of our projects

Doing projects

You can leave retrofitting, construction, contract management, etc. projects to us through the form

interior design

Carrying out all architectural projects and house beautification from zero to one hundred with your desired design

With more than a decade of experience

plan design

Design zero to one hundred phase 1 and phase 2 architectural plans for all commercial, office, residential and villa projects

Interior and exterior design

Interior and facade and landscape design of all commercial, office, residential and villa projects

Monitoring and enforcement

Supervision and implementation of construction and architectural projects in the form of contract management in the shortest time by experienced personnel