The concept of architecture has been mentioned so much in the description that although it is necessary to write in this field, it is a difficult task.

In the definition of the word architecture from all the Arabic and Latin roots and… the literal meaning is very edifying, it definitely looks more pleasant for an architect.

Architecture was born from the beginning based on human needs. Looking at different places, there is a special need to build special spaces and places. Needs that apply to humans. These needs are categorized into religious, governmental, educational and therapeutic matters.

From this category, we can reach places such as churches, shrines, monuments, courts, movie theaters, sports complexes, museums, hospitals, schools, courts, libraries, etc.

Architects have limitations for design and construction. Aristocracy on technical issues, engineering, artistic positions, the usefulness of what is built. And on the other hand, the client’s demands are the limitations that the architects must creatively check one by one.

It follows from what has been said that it is considered one of the most important priorities for the construction of a building according to the employer. Therefore, for the construction of buildings that have a public use aspect, the public taste of that society should be taken into consideration.

The opinion of Peter Eisenman and Bernard Chomi in the concept of architecture

Such movements are influenced by factors that may be national or geographical, as well as religious and intellectual. This is why architecture like “Peter Eisenman” calls architecture a political movement.

Another architect named “Bernard Chomi” admits that architecture is always related to strong economic or political power and passion.

Architecture is inevitably changing in different eras and this change and updating continues and will continue. The reason for that is the influence of the mentioned factors.

It can be said that a correct architectural product happens when the knowledge of the community’s developers is complete and correct in terms of technical basics along with art and suitable materials.

With a holistic view of architecture, it is said that this job is too complicated to do. “Richard Rogers”

Application of art in architecture

For an example, we can mention the use of art in architecture. How does art enter the technical and engineering category?

If we consider a minaret, they build a building with this characteristic in mosques. Why? Minarets remind us of the manifestation of ascent to the sky and heaven. Or, for example, giant towers and castles show the power and capability of governments.

This means the language of art in architecture, in construction, in building, this means the complexities of architectural art that require creativity and artistic and technical intelligence. This is why architecture expresses the lifestyle of those societies on the basis of art and understanding the taste of the society.

Environment conditions, society conditions and also sometimes political conditions are the subjects of architecture. which takes steps to cultivate these conditions. It is the right cultivation of these conditions that become human civilizations.

By exploring history, civilizations can be recognized only from the remains of architectural buildings. In other words, if we want to express art in architecture, a place that brings health and pleasure to your body and soul shows the presence of art in the architectural spirit of that building.

Sustainable Architecture

By entering the modern world, minimalists, naturalists…. we have entered a new page in the history of architecture and that is sustainable architecture in the concept of architecture.

What is sustainable architecture? A type of architecture that is built based on structure and usage. which is ultimately compatible with the surrounding environment.

In this era, the materials used in construction should be chosen intelligently and be compatible with the environment. Adaptability means that no harm is done to nature and the surrounding environment.

Also, the design and construction of the building should be in such a way that according to the efficiency of the structure, the supply of cooling, heating, water, electricity, etc. is completely from sustainable sources. It means what “Louis Sullivan” mentioned and that rule of form follows function.

In fact, we will get to the point where we will have questions of our own to start a project. The first question…

What is the purpose of building a building?


It is obvious that the first option is to have a shelter and a place to live.

The second issue is to create safety and a safe and calm place against weather conditions. Security in privacy and maintenance of necessary equipment and supplies, everyone needs a safe place for humans.

The next question is, what is the use of the building in question in terms of architecture?


In the construction industry, buildings are built with different uses. Including:

Residential, educational, institutional, commercial complexes, commercial, industrial, storage, multi-purpose uses, hazardous buildings, skyscrapers, slums, VIP buildings and multi-storey parking lots.

For each of these structures, many requirements, technical issues and details are required. The description of these complexities one by one is not included in this excerpt.

But what is certain is that the building principles for the structure follow the same principles. At the beginning of the construction, they think about the type of foundation, choosing the type of concrete, steel or masonry structure.

From different types of strip foundations, column base, radius, single or wide cushion, pile, deep column with compressed air, determine the right type for your desired structure. You may say why the foundation map is important in the structure?

The answer is that: the foundation will have the correct load distribution according to the structure. It will also prevent uneven seating. It protects against earthquakes and protects against soil movement.

Therefore, at the beginning, with these few examples, let’s consider maintaining security as solved. There is a beautiful sentence from “Jan Rastin” who says: Architecture is the art of decorating and decorating a building by humans

Is. How simple and real!

After doing all the infrastructure work, they look at the appearance of the building. The same procedure as carpentry, plastering and plastering, cabinet and tile implementation in the kitchen, oiling and painting, wooden door carpentry, elevator, etc.


After all these concerns, it is time for the final stage of the work and the concept of the interior architecture of the space. This is where the client should be approached and the three-dimensional plans of the work should be reviewed with them and the final decision to start the interior architecture work should be made.

The work is such that nowadays, according to the complexities of modern sciences, every field requires its own specialist.

Because being up-to-date and updated is the first word for everyone in all stages of design and implementation in construction. Customers also demand the latest and highest quality designs and materials. Therefore, the news of the labor market, the market of tools and materials is one of the necessities of today’s applied sciences.

One of the most important elements in interior design is the architect’s creativity. that the placement of related spaces, visual spaces, and the arrangement of rooms originates from this issue.

When we say architect, we mean a builder; That’s it. The one who took from the soil, built and settled.


Improvement of the surrounding environment makes the architecture of urban spaces stronger.

The design of urban spaces and monuments with this trend is in front of those who work in these fields. Yes, it is true, we have reached exactly where they say: architecture is a job that is very complicated to do.

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