As explained in various articles, you can allow your home to have three phases of orderly church building, law enforcement, elegant workmanship and decoration design. The new article discusses in detail the structure restructuring. Once you have built the structure, you can adjust your parts using this rule so that you can easily get them later and be able to operate them easily. In this article we can influence the second phase.

Phase II: Implementation of Building Facilities and Services

اInstallations and services in a structure consist of some simple basic steps and a number of complex and specialized steps. These steps are as follows:

12- Installation of chimney, ventilation and sewage system

Some things are really necessary when it comes to building performance, that is, though not directly affecting its durability, it is directly related to the lives of those who live there. Standard installation of chimneys for heating systems, installation of ventilation systems for indoor air conditioning of buildings, as well as use of sewer systems for baths and toilets are our recommendation to outsource them to professionals.

13- Gas piping

Gas piping must be carried out by professionals and companies licensed by the Gas Authority. This does not take much time and may end in a day or two. Do not interfere in this matter and allow company officials to do all the steps to ensure that your structure is secure.

14. Sewage piping

Those who are faced with the trap of home sewage and its extreme inconvenience understand the performance of this stage very well and know that they must do their utmost to maintain the quality of its performance. Finding the right path to cross the sewer without getting stuck is an empirical task, and it’s best to hand it over to the building contractor.

15- Electrical plumbing and wiring

We have to divide the building’s wiring and wiring into two stages. The first step is the plumbing to determine where the building wires cross. In addition to guiding the wire to various parts, these pipes also have the task of protecting it.

16- Execution of installations and firefighting

In construction projects, a specific location is usually provided for water supply and fire protection. It may even be considered the place where the fire extinguisher is located at the outset. Choosing a location for these facilities requires a lot of experience in the field and it is best to ask the building contractor to handle this.

17- Run ironing place elevator

Usually, for buildings with three or more floors, the elevator is used, the type and capacity of which depends on the type of building and its use. In any case, if you plan to use the elevator in your project, you must first prepare the elevator frame with iron and then install it. All the process of ironing and installing the elevator is performed by the related companies.

18- Flooring

Flooring is very important for multi-floor projects and is usually done in two stages. In the first step, different insulation methods such as liquid coatings or isogam are used to prevent moisture from penetrating the lower floors. In the second step, it is the sloping and crossing paths of the various joints that are usually used for this purpose.

19- Installation of door and window frames

Another thing that comes in installing and that you can even do yourself is installing door and window frames. Why these two cases are installed at this stage goes back to the next steps, which are covered with mud and gypsum as well as plastering their common space and thus their body is plastered. Therefore, they have both good appearance and sufficient strength.

20. Flowers, plaster and plaster work

After installing various installations and performing such things as wiring and plumbing, it is necessary to cover the entire interior surface of the building and prepare for fine-tuning and joinery. The best cover is mud and gypsum, which both insulate against heat and sound, and smooth the surface of the walls.

21- Cement

The only part left in this phase is the cementing of the exterior of the building and some of its interior parts. Cement is suitable for increasing structural strength and preventing moisture penetration. So try to use this option in the bathroom and bathroom. If you are sure that this cement is coated with another layer, it is best to do it yourself and save money.

If you have questions about building contracting, you can contact our experts.

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